How To Choose The Best Mitre Saws

Mitre saws, or chop saws, are a staple of any good workshop. They make easy work of huge amounts of wood, slicing through them far easier that with lesser tools. You certainly wouldn’t be a tradesman relying on cutting lengths of wood manually, so it’s important that you know how to choose a high quality chop saw to get the job done right first time.

Here’s some tips from Aunt Holly on making your selection intelligently when carrying out some simple home improvement tasks.

Completing your list of home improvements can be kept simple and certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a vast number of improvements that you can make to your home with very little experience – just turning to YouTube can be a wealth of information as others share their experience with you.

Interior Doors

Chopping doors to size is something that anyone can do with a good chop saw. Paining them will add a little extra to the dimensions, and you want them to fit well into the frame when finished. That means you need to allow a couple of millimetres inside the frame for the additional width of the paint and to allow clearance when the door closes.

Laying Wooden Flooring

Hardwood, ceramic tiles and other smooth yet solid surfaces are desirable and may often be appealing for use in high traffic, communal areas of the home like staircases, entrances and hallways, however that can often also mean that footsteps become an irritation and create a clinical feel as shoes click against surfaces. Imagine trying to sleep through people getting home late (or early), and you’ll soon see why carpet is a better choice. If you’re really drawn to wood, for example, consider softer wooden floors which naturally absorb noise. The mitre saw is still a great solution here to make sure your finish is perfect.

Understanding your plans for how you want to use power tools should be a key influence in the types of mitre saw that you’re short-listing. If you’re really struggling, turn to a mitre saw reviews site like that will give you more insight into bestsellers and the tools that come with the glowing recommendations of other wood workers. While they’re not hugely expensive, they’re also not the sort of things you want to change your mind about later once you’ve overcome the learning curve of getting started cutting wood with them.